Web Site, hosting and space hiring for 1 year Rs. 3950.00(INR).
This includes unique domain name and 10 mb (flexible) hosting space with 5 besic pages with the following information, which can be changed with request.
You can give your
1) profile
2) Contact information
3) Company Logo
4) Company Name
5) 5 email address with 10 mb space each (flexible)
 Three Different plans to choose from.

There are four different types of site to choose from :
1)    Small Sites (CMS based Basic Sites for Information sharing) Approx cost $
2)    Small Sites-Non CMS (Php/MySql base Standard Web Sites) Approx cost $ USD 200.00-250.00
3)    Medium Sites (CMS / Framework base Dynamic solution) Approx cost $ USD350.00-425.00
4)    Enterprise Portal Solutions (CMS / Framework base Dynamic solution with custom Module, Cart Integration, Special solutions) cost depends on project.


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